Virtualmeet.net stages drug-free RAW global power- and weightlifting meets with near simultaneous lifting venues around the world. Participants lift at their own gyms and upload video footage of their lifts for judging. The results are adjusted by weight and age to allow everyone to compete together; the only classes that exist are those for men and women.

To allow most anyone to compete most anywhere, power racks and other devices that increase safety without affecting a successful lift are allowed; qualified spotters are simply not found everywhere. The dress code is a T-shirt and shorts. A belt is the only allowed piece of powerlifting equipment. The technical rules are standard, with special attention paid to the depth of the squat and the pause on the bench press. Participation is, and will remain, free. Our first meet was held in February 2007.

We aim at creating a global arena where people united by the love of iron can lift together and learn from each other for friendship, fun and personal records in an atmosphere of mutual respect and good sportmanship. To truly break across a few more boundaries, we aim at translating the project into several languages. As a first step towards full site integration, we opened support forums in Finnish, German and Swedish in January 2008 together with localized rules, forum agreements and registration process to complement the English forum. Along with continued site improvements, further internationalization efforts are a defining theme.

Sound serious? Well, it's not. No one will claim that our results are "official" or "true meet results". This is all done for the fun of it, for the fire of a clear goal to shoot for, for the novel challenge... No matter what your level, gender or cultural background, if you are ready to affirm your drug-free status and show good sportmanship we would like to warmly invite you to join the tribe! A good place to start is to register at our forum and join the discussion or to take a look at the meet schedule.

May your stay with us yield consistent PRs!


44 held meets...
several upcoming events!

134 participating lifters...
representing 17 countries!

A growing lifter ranking...
see the best of our 1693 lifts!

A friendly forum...
with support in 4 languages!

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