International Bloggers' Powerlifting Meet

Feb 9-11th, 2007


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Edited promotional video (crank up the volume!)


Round 1
Brent Kim 117.9kg/260lbs, Kristoffer Lindqvist 122.5kg/270lbs, Helgi Briem 125kg/276lbs, Alberto Caraballo 133.8kg/295lbs, Måns Rinne 150kg/331lbs

Round 2
Brent Kim 129.3kg/285lbs (no lift), Kristoffer Lindqvist 130kg/287lbs, Helgi Briem 135kg/298lbs, Alberto Caraballo 142.9kg/315lbs, Måns Rinne 155kg/342lbs

Round 3
Brent Kim 129.3kg/285lbs, Kristoffer Lindqvist 135kg/298lbs (no lift), Helgi Briem 145kg/320lbs, Alberto Caraballo 149.7kg/330lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne 165kg/364lbs


Round 1
Brent Kim 86.2kg/190lbs, Kristoffer Lindqvist 92.5kg/204lbs, Alberto Caraballo 97.5kg/215lbs, Helgi Briem 105kg/231lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne 120kg/265lbs

Round 2
Kristoffer Lindqvist 100kg/220lbs, Alberto Caraballo 102.1kg/225lbs (no lift), Helgi Briem 110kg/243lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne 125kg/276lbs

Round 3
Alberto Caraballo 99.8kg/220lbs (no lift), Kristoffer Lindqvist 105kg/231lbs, Helgi Briem 110kg/243lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne 130kg/287lbs (no lift)


Round 1
Brent Kim 140.6kg/310lbs, Alberto Caraballo 142.9kg/315lbs, Kristoffer Lindqvist 150kg/331lbs, Måns Rinne 150kg/331lbs, Helgi Briem 205kg/452lbs

Round 2
Brent Kim 149.7kg/330lbs, Kristoffer Lindqvist 155kg/342lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne, 155kg/342lbs, Alberto Caraballo 156.5kg/345lbs, Helgi Briem 215kg/474lbs (no lift)

Round 3
Kristoffer Lindqvist 155kg/342lbs (no lift), Måns Rinne 160kg/353lbs, Brent Kim 165.6kg/365lbs (no lift), Alberto Caraballo 165.6kg/365lbs, Helgi Briem 215kg/474lbsg/474lbs (no lift)

Final Results

1 KIM, Brent (USA) 21 years 67.2kg (148.1lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
117.9kg (260.0lbs)129.3kg (285.0lbs)129.3kg (285.0lbs)86.2kg (190.0lbs)------140.6kg (310.0lbs)149.7kg (330lbs)165.6kg (365lbs)
TOTAL: 365.2kg (805.1 lbs)COEFF: 1.608035AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 587.2545
2 RINNE, Måns (FIN) 31 years 90.8kg (200.2lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
150kg (330.7lbs)155kg (341.7lbs)165kg (363.8lbs)120kg (264.6 lbs)125kg (275.6lbs)130kg (286.6lbs)150kg (330.7lbs)155kg (341.7lbs)160kg (352.7lbs)
TOTAL: 450kg (992.1lbs)COEFF: 1.284400AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 577.9800
3 CARABALLO, Alberto (PR) 37 years 106.6kg (235lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
133.8kg (295lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)149.7kg (330lbs)97.5kg (215lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)99.8kg (220lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)156.5kg (345lbs)165.6kg (365lbs)
TOTAL: 406kg (895.1lbs)COEFF: 1.192909AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 484.3211
4 LINDQVIST, Kristoffer (FIN) 31 years 96.5kg (212.7lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
122.5kg (270.1lbs)130kg (286.6lbs)135kg (297.6lbs)92.5kg (203.9lbs)100kg (220.5lbs)105kg (231.5lbs)150kg (330.7lbs)155kg (341.7lbs)155kg (341.7lbs)
TOTAL: 385kg (848.8lbs)COEFF: 1.241190AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 477.8581
--BRIEM, Helgi (IS) 45 years 89.2kg (196.7lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
125kg (275.6lbs)135kg (297.6lbs)145kg (319.7lbs)105kg (231.5lbs)110kg (242.5lbs)110kg (242.5lbs)205kg (451.9lbs)215kg (474lbs)215kg (474lbs)
TOTAL: ---COEFF: 1.296084AGE COEFF: 1.06SCORE: ---

GRIDLEY, Gordon (USA): video camera failure during meet