Wade Dare

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Approaching 50 with a couple of live meets under my belt. I like the idea of virtual meets and would like to see the idea get more traction.

My best meet lifts

Squat 4th (54.0142 siff)

170.1kg@81.6kg (375lbs@180lbs), age 48

August 2010: Powerlifting meet

Bench press 12th (56.3351 siff)

117.9kg@81.6kg (260lbs@180lbs), age 48

August 2010: Powerlifting meet

Deadlift 2nd (68.7225 siff)

226.8kg@88.9kg (500lbs@196lbs), age 48

February 2010: Deadlift meet

Snatch 1st (23.8335 siff)

74.8kg@81.6kg (165lbs@180lbs), age 49

March 2011: Weightlifting meet

Clean and jerk 2nd (29.6325 siff)

93kg@81.6kg (205lbs@180lbs), age 49

March 2011: Weightlifting meet