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REGISTER: Military Bench for Reps, 14-16 August 2009
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Kristoffer Lindqvist
Staff  [Project Manager, Developer, Moderator, Swedish Translator]
Finland Finland Male 1178 posts
« on: July 31, 2009, 10:19:40 pm »

This thread is to sign-up for the 14-16 August 2009 Military Bench for Reps meet only.

The technical rules for this meet are the same as for the Military Bench Press (please see the rules) with the following exceptions:

  • The bar weight is pre-determined: for men, bodyweight rounded up to the nearest 2.5 kilograms or 5 pounds - for women, bodyweight / 3 * 2 rounded UP to the nearest 2.5 kilograms / 5 pounds. The minimum bar weight is 25 kilograms / 55 pounds. Should you for some reason be unable to load the precise weight on the bar, then use the closest HEAVIER weight. The bar weight is determined from the weigh-in weight on meet day. PLEASE USE THE MILITARY BENCH BAR WEIGHT CALCULATOR TO CALCULATE BAR WEIGHT AS GETTING IT RIGHT IS ESSENTIAL.
  • You do NOT need to pause the bar at the chest or at lockout. HOWEVER, you cannot bounce the bar off your chest AND each repetition must be fully locked out to be counted. In all other respects, the rules are the same as for a regular military bench press (no downward motion, feet under the bench etc. etc. allowed)
  • If the lifter changes his grip width at any time during the lift, the whole attempt will be disqualified.
  • The total amount of passed reps is what counts. Faulty repetitions will simply be ignored in the total count. For example, if the lifter does 5 repetitions out of which 2 where bounced off the chest, then his total count will be 3 repetitions. For a repetition to count, it must have been approved by at least 2 of the 3 judges.
  • ONLY ONE ATTEMPT IS TAKEN AND SUBMITTED FOR JUDGING. Hence, there is also no fixed meet duration. It is one attempt and that's that. Give it all you got!
  • In the case of a draw (same number of repetitions), the difference between the actual bodyweight and the bar weight will determine the winner so that the lifter with the bigger difference will win. For example: Male lifters A and B both bench 9 reps. A weighs 96 kg (97.5 kg bar weight) and B weighs 64.5kg (65 kg bar weight). Lifter A wins because he has the larger weight difference (97.5 kg - 96 kg = 1.5 kg against 65 kg - 64.5 kg = 0.5 kg). If the difference is the same, it is a draw.
  • The meet will be ranked by total reps only separated by gender. Relative strength is not perfectly linear so heavier lifters will be at a small disadvantage, but as this is a first trial run to see whether there is interest in these kinds of meets. Rolling in weight and age classes or a custom scoring system is left for possible meets in 2010. However, this fact will be spelled out in the results so that it is clear to anyone who sees the results. So take this primarily as a chance to try out a new lift and have some fun challenging yourself. If you like it, we will take it from there.
  • reserves the right to post additions to the rules up until the end of the registration deadline. This is our first go at the lift and it is possible that lifter questions will bring out areas that should be addressed in the rules. If additions are posted, all competing lifters will be notified promptly via e-mail to give them time to factor them in.

Since this is the first time we run a Military Bench for Reps event, questions are especially welcomed in the discussion thread. Better safe than sorry. Smiley

The deadline for lifters to sign up is Sunday August 9th at 10pm GMT; after this date, only judge sign-ups will be accepted.

To register for the meet, just post a short reply to this message. This implies that you:
  • HAVE READ AND ACCEPTED THE RULES (the LATEST version of the rules!) AND THE EXCEPTIONS LISTED ABOVE (please read them carefully)
  • AFFIRM YOUR DRUG-FREE STATUS (again, see the rules)
  • REALLY AIM AT DOING THE MEET, not just thinking about it. Of course, injuries and life can happen, so you are naturally free to cancel your entry if needed.

Also include which day you want to lift on. This day can be changed up until the sign-up deadline.

** 14th is on a Friday
** 15th a Saturday
** 16th a Sunday

Further instructions on how to submit the video footage etc. will be sent out via e-mail to all participants after the sign-up deadline has passed.

Those who wish to judge should also sign-up in this thread.

To make sure that you don't forget anything essential, we highly recommend using the checklist as a supplement to the rules.

Have fun! Smiley
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United States United States Male 8 posts
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2009, 03:11:39 pm »

This sounds like fun.  Consider me registered.

Jay Grave,
I will lift on saturday, aug 15.
Walter Kurda
Germany Germany Male 12 posts
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2009, 11:14:32 am »

Hi friends,

since two month I am suffering a lws-double-disc-prolapse, but I will give my best  Undecided

I will start on friday (14.08.) , or sunday (16.08.)
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Christian Burger
Staff  [Moderator, German Translator]
Austria Austria Male 598 posts
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2009, 07:49:38 am »

I am in. I will be lifting on Friday 14th.
Jeff Sutherland
Canada Canada Male 104 posts
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2009, 05:37:42 pm »

Sure, sign me up.  I haven't done a bench press in over a year but it'll be fun to try.  Friday the 14th please.
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