Juha Koivisto

Finland Finland
Personal Message (Offline)

Age 56 (2012) Bench press for 40 years since 1972, Competing Military Bench Press (SVRY) and IPF-lifter since 2006. (both WADA approved organizations) Spokesman and Founder of Finnish Power Bench Press Association ( formerly Finnish Military Bench Association) see. www.svry.fi Severe shoulder injury in 2008, but now back in business. Over 1.1 million lifted kilos in bench press in 2009. See my other Competition lifts in youtube. Search word is: penkkikone

My best meet lifts

Bench press 1st (83.7492 siff)

170kg@89.5kg (374.8lbs@197.3lbs), age 54

June 2010: Bench Press meet

Military bench press 1st (78.5616 siff)

157.5kg@90.2kg (347.2lbs@198.9lbs), age 55

December 2011: Military Bench meet