Military Bench meet

November 29 - December 4, 2011


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Final Results

Men's Final Results

1KOIVISTO, Juha (FIN) 56 years 90.2kg (198.9lbs)
Military Bench Press  
157.5kg (347.2lbs)162.5kg (358.2lbs)165kg (363.8lbs)
BEST LIFT: 157.5kg (347.2lbs)COEFF: 245.587523156AGE COEFF: 1.246SCORE: 79.9084
2BURGER, Christian (AUT) 39 years 96.2kg (212.1lbs)
Military Bench Press  
110kg (242.5lbs)120kg (264.6lbs)---
BEST LIFT: 110kg (242.5lbs)COEFF: 255.107872627AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 43.119

Fault abbreviations explained

By pausing the cursor over any lift, you will see the associated rulings given by each judge. Where a red light has been given due to another reason than an obvious failure to lift the bar, an abbeviation for each fault will be shown (the left column in the table below). For more detailed information, please refer to the technical rules.

failure_to_lockoutFailure to pause the barbell at arms length with locked elbows at the start and completion of the bench press
insufficient_pauseNo visible pause at the chest or failure to completely stop the bar on the chest
position_changedAny change in the elected lifting position once the bar starts to descend (raising of the shoulders or buttocks from the bench or any lateral movement of the hands on the bar
too_lowTouching the bar lower than upper abdominals
heavingHeaving, bouncing, or sinking the bar further into the chest after stopping the bar on the chest
uneven_lockoutElbows locking out unevenly at the completion of the lift
downward_movementDownward movement of the bar or hands after pausing on the chest
contactContact with the bar, plates or lifter by other people, bench uprights or a possible safety device
feet_below_benchFailure to keep the feet above the bench surface during the lift (i.e. feet in the air)
excessive_archingExcessive arching of the upper back
low_back_not_flatFailure to keep the lower back flat against the bench throughout the lift
attempt_weight_loweredThe weight on the bar is lower than previous attempts on the same lift
bad_attireUnacceptable lifting attire
bad_equipmentUnacceptable lifting equipment