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I have been lifting since the age of 16. I competed in my first powerlifting meet at the age of 40. As a lifetime drug-free lifter I have numerous first place finishes in the raw bench and deadlift, and currently have one national record and three state records in various drug-free powerlifting organizations.

My best meet lifts

Squat 8th (47.5386 siff)

170.1kg@108.4kg (375lbs@239lbs), age 50

July 2008: Powerlifting meet

Bench press 4th (66.1403 siff)

158.8kg@108.4kg (350lbs@239lbs), age 50

July 2008: Powerlifting meet

Deadlift 1st (73.2218 siff)

249.5kg@108.4kg (550lbs@239lbs), age 50

July 2008: Powerlifting meet