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As of early 2013, we are still in the process of rebooting unto the new platform

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Once we are ready to relaunch, we will start spreading the word. Until then, expect silence to mean we are heads down coding. :) The forum is still open for active members, but don't expect a lot of activity here since meets are currently on hold.

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March 8 MEET in Gulfport, Mississippi
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Kevin Boone
United States United States Male 5 posts
« on: February 09, 2008, 06:46:51 pm »

This message is to confirm our intentions to complete on MARCH 8, 2008 in the powerlifting meet. This is the event I will compete in as will my training partners, which will be between 3-5 lifters.

We, as always, are DRUG FREE, and will definately be competing in the meet.
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