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7/26/2008 - IMPORTANT UPDATE This is an announcement to verify that I have been hired by the Long Beach School District to be the new HEAD FOOTBALL COACH at LBMS; as well as the Head Powerlifting Coach at LBMS and the High school. This fills two very important needs for the district highly affected by Hurricare Katrina. As a former resident, I also lost everything I owned to the hurricane on August 29,2005. I feel this will be a new beginning for both Long Beach and myself. Look for us to have a very large powerlifting team. I wish all my lifters in Stone County the very best, it was an honor coaching you all. I hope you guys will continue forward, and we look forward to the challenge of competing against you soon! I

My best meet lifts

Squat 30th (37.0461 siff)

142.9kg@98.4kg (315lbs@217lbs), age 37

March 2008: Powerlifting meet

Bench press 21st (52.8044 siff)

136.1kg@98kg (300lbs@216lbs), age 37

July 2008: Powerlifting meet

Deadlift 4th (67.8305 siff)

254kg@98kg (560lbs@216lbs), age 37

July 2008: Powerlifting meet