Powerlifting Meet

March 7-9th, 2008


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Final Results

Women's Final Results

--HEITMANN, Tosha (USA) 24 years 73kg (161lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
97.5kg (215lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)56.7kg (125lbs)56.7kg (125lbs)124.7kg (275lbs)136.1kg (300lbs)136.1kg (300lbs)
TOTAL: ---COEFF: 1.62214468AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: ---

Men's Final Results

1REED, Matt (USA) 35 years 98.9kg (218lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
183.7kg (405lbs)190.5kg (420lbs)199.6kg (440lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)149.7kg (330lbs)154.2kg (340lbs)242.7kg (535lbs)251.7kg (555lbs)254kg (560lbs)
TOTAL: 596.4kg (1314.8lbs)COEFF: 1.22752128AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 732.0937
2COOPER, Chris (CAN) 33 years 87.5kg (193lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
147.4kg (325lbs)156.5kg (345lbs)170.1kg (375lbs)122.5kg (270lbs)131.5kg (290lbs)136.1kg (300lbs)215.5kg (475lbs)229.1kg (505lbs)238.1kg (525lbs)
TOTAL: 499kg (1100.1lbs)COEFF: 1.31261884AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 654.9968
3DALY, Sean (USA) 22 years 83kg (183lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
140.2kg (309lbs)153.8kg (339lbs)153.8kg (339lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)111.1kg (245lbs)115.7kg (255lbs)180.1kg (397lbs)198.2kg (437lbs)211.8kg (467lbs)
TOTAL: 463.1kg (1021lbs)COEFF: 1.35957682AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 629.62
4BRIEM, Helgi (ISL) 46 years 93.5kg (206.1lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
130kg (286.6lbs)140kg (308.6lbs)150kg (330.7lbs)105kg (231.5lbs)110kg (242.5lbs)115kg (253.5lbs)200kg (440.9lbs)210kg (463lbs)220kg (485lbs)
TOTAL: 460kg (1014.1lbs)COEFF: 1.26301534AGE COEFF: 1.068SCORE: 620.4942
5BOONE, Kevin (USA) 37 years 98.4kg (217lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
102.1kg (225lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)---102.1kg (225lbs)111.1kg (245lbs)120.2kg (265lbs)238.1kg (525lbs)247.2kg (545lbs)256.3kg (565lbs)
TOTAL: 501.2kg (1104.9lbs)COEFF: 1.2301668AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 616.5596
6BAKHVALOV, Max (RUS) 28 years 83.9kg (185lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
138.3kg (305lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)147.4kg (325lbs)99.8kg (220lbs)99.8kg (220lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)183.7kg (405lbs)192.8kg (425lbs)199.6kg (440lbs)
TOTAL: 446.8kg (985lbs)COEFF: 1.34943566AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 602.9279
7RINNE, Mans (FIN) 33 years 87.2kg (192.2lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
150kg (330.7lbs)155kg (341.7lbs)160kg (352.7lbs)115kg (253.5lbs)120kg (264.6lbs)125kg (275.6lbs)150kg (330.7lbs)160kg (352.7lbs)170kg (374.8lbs)
TOTAL: 450kg (992.1lbs)COEFF: 1.31790988AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 593.0594
8HOWZE, Michael (USA) 15 years 73kg (161lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
61.2kg (135lbs)72.6kg (160lbs)90.7kg (200lbs)61.2kg (135lbs)70.3kg (155lbs)---102.1kg (225lbs)124.7kg (275lbs)142.9kg (315lbs)
TOTAL: 274.4kg (604.9lbs)COEFF: 1.49626202AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 410.5743
9THOMPSON, Justin (USA) 15 years 64kg (141lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
81.6kg (180lbs)83.9kg (185lbs)---45.4kg (100lbs)47.6kg (105lbs)---83.9kg (185lbs)97.5kg (215lbs)106.6kg (235lbs)
TOTAL: 238.1kg (524.9lbs)COEFF: 1.6821098AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 400.5103
10BROWN, Quartez (USA) 15 years 54kg (119lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
40.8kg (90lbs)49.9kg (110lbs)54.4kg (120lbs)45.4kg (100lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)---61.2kg (135lbs)83.9kg (185lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)
TOTAL: 190.5kg (420lbs)COEFF: 2.0094929AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 382.8084
11HOLMES, Clint (USA) 15 years 69.9kg (154lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
61.2kg (135lbs)68kg (150lbs)79.4kg (175lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)56.7kg (125lbs)---63.5kg (140lbs)83.9kg (185lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)
TOTAL: 238.2kg (525.1lbs)COEFF: 1.55292024AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 369.9056
12HERRINGTON, Cory (USA) 15 years 64kg (141lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
40.8kg (90lbs)40.8kg (90lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)45.4kg (100lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)56.7kg (125lbs)61.2kg (135lbs)83.9kg (185lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)
TOTAL: 195.1kg (430.1lbs)COEFF: 1.6821098AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 328.1796
13SEATS, Brent (USA) 15 years 88.5kg (195lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
40.8kg (90lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)54.4kg (120lbs)45.4kg (100lbs)52.2kg (115lbs)---61.2kg (135lbs)83.9kg (185lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)
TOTAL: 208.7kg (460.1lbs)COEFF: 1.30424136AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: 272.1952
--LONG, Brian (USA) 34 years 102.5kg (226lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
142.9kg (315lbs)147.4kg (325lbs)156.5kg (345lbs)124.7kg (275lbs)127kg (280lbs)---158.8kg (350lbs)167.8kg (370lbs)172.4kg (380lbs)
TOTAL: ---COEFF: 1.2092231AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: ---
--DYE, Donald (USA) 15 years 95.3kg (210lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
83.9kg (185lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)---65.8kg (145lbs)86.2kg (190lbs)102.1kg (225lbs)113.4kg (250lbs)133.8kg (295lbs)156.5kg (345lbs)
TOTAL: ---COEFF: 1.2500082AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: ---
--BONNETTE, Thomas (HRV) 20 years 79.3kg (174.8lbs)
SquatBench PressDeadlift
---------113.4kg (250lbs)117.9kg (260lbs)120.2kg (265lbs)165.6kg (365lbs)174.6kg (385lbs)176.9kg (390lbs)
TOTAL: ---COEFF: 1.4032279AGE COEFF: n/aSCORE: ---

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Fault abbreviations explained

By pausing the cursor over any lift, you will see the associated rulings given by each judge. Where a red light has been given due to another reason than an obvious failure to lift the bar, an abbeviation for each fault will be shown (the left column in the table below). For more detailed information, please refer to the technical rules.

no_upright_lockNo briefly paused upright position with knees locked at the start and completion
no_depthFailure to bend the knees until the top surface of the hip joints are lower than the top of the knees
double_bouncingDouble bouncing or any downward movement once upward motion has commenced
bar_too_lowImproper bar position
steppingStepping backward or forward
hand_movementLateral movement of the hands on the bar
elbow_contactElbows or upper arms touch legs
bar_rollBar changes position on shoulders
contactContact with the bar, plates or lifter by other people or a possible safety device
attempt_weight_loweredThe weight on the bar is lower than previous attempts on the same lift
failure_to_lockoutFailure to pause the barbell at arms length with locked elbows at the start and completion of the bench press
insufficient_pauseNo visible pause at the chest or failure to completely stop the bar on the chest
position_changedAny change in the elected lifting position once the bar starts to descend (raising of the shoulders or buttocks from the bench, shifting between heels on the floor and heels in the air, or any lateral movement of the hands on the bar
too_lowTouching the bar lower than upper abdominals
heavingHeaving, bouncing, or sinking the bar further into the chest after stopping the bar on the chest
uneven_lockoutElbows locking out unevenly at the completion of the lift
downward_movementDownward movement of the bar or hands after pausing on the chest
contactContact with the bar, plates or lifter by other people, bench uprights or a possible safety device
feet_touch_benchContact of the lifter's feet with the bench or its supports
attempt_weight_loweredThe weight on the bar is lower than previous attempts on the same lift
downward_movementDownward motion of the bar before the lifter is fully upright with a visible pause
no_pauseFailure to assume a briefly paused erect position with the shoulders in an erect position and knees locked
thigh_supportSupporting the bar on the thighs at any point of the lift
steppingStepping backward or forward
bar_droppedNot bringing the bar down under control (i.e. dropping the bar at the top position)
attempt_weight_loweredThe weight on the bar is lower than previous attempts on the same lift