Rankings Calculator

Virtualmeet.net meets do not have weight classes. Instead, all lifts and totals are adjusted by established relative strength formulas to cancel out differences in bodyweight and age (age coefficients are given to Master lifters only, i.e. age 40 and above). These relative strength scores are then used to determine rankings and meet results. This calculator allows lifters to easily see what scores their lifts represent and to determine how fluctuations in bodyweight affect their relative strength. The calculator is based on a subset of the Powerlifting Relative Strength Calculator.

USAGE: Begin by selecting what unit of weight (kilograms/pounds) you will be using and your gender (male/female). Age is optional and is only meaningful if you are over 40 years of age; if given, as per the rules, it should be your age at the end of the year the meet is held at (if the meet is on April 4th and you turn 51 on December 12th, you should record your age as 51). Bodyweight is required and at least one of squat, bench press, deadlift or total. If all lifts are given but no total, the lifts will automatically be summed for a total. If a total is given, a powerlifting classifications standard for your bodyweight will be generated.

Weights given as: kilograms pounds

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