Challenge meet

September 18-20, 2009


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Final Results

GYSIN, Ramon (CHE) 26 years 92.1kg (203lbs)
Full range front-squats for reps17 reps @ 92.5kg/204lbs
Kneeling clean and press for max weight67.5kg/149lbs
Bodyweight chins for max reps27 reps
One-handed deadlift for max weight190kg (left 92.5kg/204lbs + right 97.5kg)
SUTHERLAND, Jeff (CAN) 28 years 85kg (187lbs)
Full range front-squats for reps11 reps @ 85kg/187lbs
Kneeling clean and press for max weight70kg/154lbs
Bodyweight chins for max reps12 reps
One-handed deadlift for max weight175kg (left 87.5kg + right 87.5kg)
The name says it all: this meet was staged as a playful physical challenge to go all the way and beyond. Unlike regular meets, the rules were informal and the lifts were selected based on community suggestions. With bodyweights and rep challenges also in here, no effort has been made to try to give each lift a precise score. That many of these lifts are impressive should be self-evident. Enjoy! :)