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Age 35, bodyweight 110-120kg. Slowly getting to shape after -09 september shoulder injury. "R├Ąty testi" was too much ( 100x100kg at time 13min 40s) I started weightlifting as 16 years old, benchpressmax was 70kg. First IPF competition was year 2005. I pressed 212.5kg with fury shirt. Best results are from military bench competitions from 2007 Finnish National finals 28 reps@110kg silver medal. I have made Wada agreement with Finland Power Bench Press Association.

My best meet lifts

Bench press 5th (66.0139 siff)

185kg@116.5kg (407.9lbs@256.8lbs), age 35

June 2010: Bench Press meet

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June 2010: Bench Press