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President of the American Powerlifting Association (APA) and Executive Director of World Powerliftig Alliance (WPA). Won over 400 powerlifting awards before retiring. Best RAW lifts 840 squat and 505 bench press. I first competed as an olympic lifter in 1964 and in the late 60's got into powerlifting. In the late 70's I got into pro-wrestling and wrestled 8 years. The APA/WPA was the first organization to experiment with an internet division and incorporate it in meets held in 1996 and 1997. Among the participating countries were Yugoslavia and Singapore. Although I am still working 80-100 hours a week into my old age I am here to offer assistance whenever I am free to participate. I am often away traveling and on the road for weeks so I am hard to contact at times. Any lifter with questions regarding the sport or it's history please feel free to email me. I was around when the sport of powerlifting began. I'm an old geezer but somtimes it's nice to have an old guy around.

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