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Title: First Staff additions to
Post by: kris on October 19, 2007, 09:01:40 pm is no longer a one man show. I am proud to report that Christian Burger ( (Austria), Olle Harju ( (Sweden) and Matt Reed ( (USA) have accepted my invitations to become moderators and full staff members. As anyone who has been following our forums closely can attest, both Christian and Matt have proved to be active, positive and enthusiastic members. Olle may be a newcomer on the forums, but he has done a very valuable work behind the scenes to promote us in Sweden (; the latest word is that several Swedish lifters are already setting their sight on the planned powerlifting meet in March. It is an honor to have the three of you on board!

As you all know, is going multi-lingual in early 2008 on its quest to becoming a truly global powerlifting arena. By roughly January 2008, Christian will take charge of our German language activities while Olle will do the same for Swedish. Both men are currently busy translating the forum rules and the technical rule book into the respective language. Until then, they will get their feet wet helping Matt moderate the English forums. This in turn will help me focus more strongly on continuing the work on the site and the meet automation software, which should result in a vastly improved site by the time we are ready to launch the new languages.

All staff can be reached via FIRSTNAME at (,, and

Without further ado, please say a big welcome to our new moderators!

Title: Re: First Staff additions to
Post by: kris on November 04, 2007, 07:57:28 pm
Today, Måns Rinne ( (Finland) became the fifth person to join the staff. He will take charge of our Finnish language activities in order to launch Finnish support in early 2008 alongside German and Swedish. Until then, he will join Matt, Olle and Christian in moderating the English forum. Måns is not only a long-term friend, but has also been involved with since day one. He can be reached at

Thanks and welcome!

Title: Re: First Staff additions to
Post by: kris on November 30, 2007, 12:05:56 am
I am happy to report that the rules and forum agreements have now been translated into both German and Finnish with Swedish soon to follow. Things are bubbling behind the scenes for a January release...

If anyone wants to proof read the German or Finnish version, drop me a line ( please.