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Title: Forum downtime - resolved
Post by: kris on December 30, 2009, 01:44:46 pm
Virtualmeet version 2 is now starting to make itself noticed in sneaky little preview ways.

At 01:12 GMT yesterday, Virtualmeetverse went down due to a change in how to connect to the memory cache it lives in. Virtualmeetverse uses the version 2 code base, but as it lives outside the rest of the code base as a temporary version 1 inject, I forgot to also update the connection setting there. This caused the forum page to hang when trying to load the Virtualmeetverse box as it could no longer connect to the cache. As version 1 does not have any proper notification system of these kind of problems nor anyway of disabling broken components automatically (version 2 does), it took me some time to notice the problem. The problem was fixed today at 12:47 GMT.

All in all, an embarrassing mistake but live and learn. :)