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Title: Server moved to Virginia (and back again)
Post by: kris on December 26, 2008, 11:17:53 pm has moved again. We just made the leap from the Washington D.C. server ( to a new server in Herndon, Virginia. As with so much else at the moment, this move was purely economically motivated. The server got 30% more expensive over the last few months due to the euro getting significantly weaker against the US dollar. This move slashed $70 off the monthly server bill which adds up to a significant saving in the long run and gives us better breathing room in these uncertain times.

The new server is slightly less capable, but no slouch having dual Opteron processors and 2GB RAM (plenty of room for growth). It is also on the US East Coast to strike a good balance between European and US traffic; it appears to be at least as snappy as the old server from here.

Things should be working as usual, but if anyone notices any glitches, please let me know at Back to business as usual.  ;D

Title: Re: Server moved to Virginia
Post by: kris on January 15, 2009, 09:08:27 pm
Vacation is over, we are again back in Washington D.C...

What happened was that the old host agreed to a serious reduction in monthly fees to keep my business. Since I had already migrated everything off to the new server and paid for a month, I took the time to do some low-level server work and maintenance.

In sum: we are back with an excellent host on a powerful server and there should be little reason to jump ship again in the forseable future.