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Title: End of an era... hello Weightlifting!
Post by: kris on September 30, 2008, 01:08:24 am
Weightlifting has finally landed! :)

The English version of the rules ( now include the weightlifting rules (thanks to Mike Amos ( for doing the brunt of it!). A feedback thread ( has been created for taking it from here.

The meet sign-up ( for the very very first virtual weightlifting meet on October 3-5th, 2008 has also been opened!

You may also notice that the first step towards putting virtual weightlifting on an equal footing with virtual powerlifting has been taken by re-branding the logo. It is not final, but it is a good first step that signals that we are serious about making this happen. It is thus time to say farewell to the powerlifting only logo. This week will be last chance to buy the Pioneer T-shirts (! I also have a bunch of high quality stickers left, if anyone wants one or a bunch please e-mail me at ASAP.

We already have quite a few new weightlifting members, make yourselves at home and WELCOME!!! This is going to be good.