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Title: Virtual Weightlifting coming in 2008!
Post by: kris on November 02, 2007, 10:40:05 pm
The staff is very excited to announce that beginning early 2008, weightlifting will join powerlifting under the umbrella!

The motivations for doing this are many. First and foremost, weightlifting as a sport has our highest respect making it an honor to offer opportunities for virtual weightlifting. We are also dead serious about making this a global multi-lingual project. Adding weightlifting will speed up the globalization process by increasing the lifter base and spreading it more evenly over the world. This should also make it easier to find new staff members willing to support new languages.

In the general spirit of this project, no clear divide into weightlifting and powerlifting communities will be made allowing us to rub shoulders and learn from each other while making it easy for those who are interested in competing in both sports (incidentally, weightlifters have already competed in our powerlifting meets).

The first weightlifting meet is scheduled for October 3-5th, 2008. Should we have the infrastructure ready before then, it is highly likely that another meet or so will be added earlier. Beginning 2009, the number of weightlifting meets will be on par with those offered for powerlifting. The site is currently being revised to include weightlifting on equal terms with powerlifting. If you feel nostalgic, this is your last chance to buy a Pioneer Logo Tee ( with the current powerlifting only logo.

More information on the details will follow, meanwhile all discussion and questions on virtual weightlifting are more than welcome in the forum!